Outlook from the JMA from 16th November to 13th December.

Outlook from the JMA from 16th November to 13th December.


This the outlook for the next four weeks from 16th November to 13th December. The information comes from the Japanese Met Agency the JMA. If you look at the images, I have rotated them, and pasted them together and added a red line to show you the position of the UK. Blue colours is a trough, with low pressures. Oranges colours shows a ridge and higher pressures.

Week 1 16th November to 22nd.

Low pressure is over the UK bringing some very wet and sometime stormy conditions at times with temperatures below average .

Week 2 23rd to 29th November.

High pressure will build across the Atlantic over the UK into central parts of Europe. The first part of this period will still remain unsettled but conditions will start to improve and become drier with temperatures around average.

Week 3-4 30th November to 13th December.

This is a two week period so we have to look at this period overall. We will start to see high pressure building across Greenland and stretches towards Scotland and the North West UK.  This will become a cold period with temperature below average with some showers.