Outlook from the next 2 weeks from the CFS.

Outlook from the next 2 weeks from the CFS.


This is the outlook for the next two weeks from the CFS model. I have added the images together, week 1 is the top row and the bottom images is week 2.

Week 1 9th September to 15th.

You can see the 1st image is show low pressure trough over the UK. Image 2 shows rainfall, so we can see above average rainfall. Image 3 is temperature and it looks around 2-3 degrees cooler than you would expect.

Week 2, 16th September to 22nd.

We can see high pressure will be mainly over the UK. I think we will have mainly dry conditions with just a few showers. It looks around 1-2 degrees cooler than you would expect, this could be due to the cooler wind direction.


I have some confidence in this outlook because the JMA what I published last Thursday and this CFS have a lot of similarities in the position of low pressure troughs and high pressure ridges. You can see this on the image below I have put together.

So we can expect to see some improvement in our weather around Friday onwards.