Polar Vortex and possible warming ?.

Polar Vortex and possible warming ?.


Last night I talked a little about the Polar Vortex and a possible Sudden Stratospheric Warming that looks like it could well take place.

The Polar Vortex is a large area of cold air that builds during the winter months in size and cold depth. This then dissipates during the spring and summer. Its naturally happens every winter. The temperature can be as low as -85c so it very cold.

Some years we can see a warming taking place and sometimes it  takes place very quickly a SSW. If this happens it can send us into a prolonged spell of wintry weather around 15-21 days later. Only 2 out of 3 of these SSW event leads to a cold spell of wintry weather in the UK

I have added 4 images for you to look at. Two are right on the edge of space 1 hpa. The other two images are 10 hpa at 31,000 metres.

So if we look at the first two images at 1 hpa you can see how cold is is now around -20 c now come 26th of January it could be +25 c. That’s toasty.

Now look at 10hpa it’s around -60 to -80 c, come the 26th January it could be -25 c another large warming. So I will be looking to see if this warming continues to move down through the different layers.

So it looks like a rapid warming could be about to take place. I will continue to watch temperatures in the Stratosphere. So stay with me on this journey and lets see if winter does start early February.