Thursday 7th February.

A very breezy day with bright and sunny spells, feeling cool 8 c. Becoming windy overnight with heavy blustery showers.

Friday 8th.

A wet and very mild day. There will be heavy rain and showers with wind speeds gusting at times over 50 mph force 9, that’s strong enough to cause slight structural damage. The days top temperature reaching 10 c.

Saturday 9th.

A windy day with bright and sunny spells. Wind speeds reaching 45 mph force 8. Feeling cool 7 c. Rain and showers during the evening and night.

Sunday 10th.

A day with rain and showers, some of the showers could be wintry falling as sleet, 5 c.

Monday 11th.

A very chilly day with good spells of sunshine, 4 c.