Some wet and windy weather is on it’s way.

Some wet and windy weather is on it’s way.


We have some wet and windy weather on the way over the next couple of days.

At the moment the wind is coming from an easterly direction and over the next few hours we will start to see a shift in the wind direction and it will becoming from a more southerly direction.

The wind speed will start to increase during Tuesday becoming breezy with heavy persistent rain moving into the area during the afternoon lasting well into the evening. Tuesday afternoon the wind speed will be gusting up to 35 mph that’s force 7, near gale in our area.

During Wednesday the wind speed will increase even higher with some gusts reaching 45 mph that’s force 8, gale. There will be rain and showers throughout the day.

These wind speeds are gusts and not the average wind speed. Some more exposed areas may see some gusts reaching a little higher.