After the brief spell of some wintry weather the last couple of day and now a spell of milder and sometimes wet and windy weather, next week still looks like we will see a return of wintry weather.

I have said the the end of the month, early February looks like it will be wintry. This does look like it will happen and there is some confidence that this will happen. The wintry weather has struggled to get in with the high pressure ridge in the Atlantic collapsing.

At the moment it looks like wintry weather will start to move down from the North during Tuesday 29th with some snow showers around for the last few days of the month and taking use in to early February. There are indications some of the snow may possibly cause some disruption at times.

But I must say this is just an outlook and not a forecast, so we must give it several more days to see if this idea of a longer wintry spell of weather does materialise.