This is the outlook from the JMA for November, December and January. With all long range weather forecasts and especially at this range we must take it with a large pinch of salt. You will know that I look at the JMA four week outlook every week and I give it a lot of credibility. But this is real long range so lets just see what happens.

I have added the three images together and added a red line to show you where the UK is. The images show the forecast sea air pressure locations. Blues colours are low pressures and oranges high pressure areas.

Now normally I would give you a write up for each of the months but the JMA does not show a great deal of change in the models over the next 3 month.

So over the next three months it looks like low pressure will be located over the North Pole, UK and Scandinavia. This setup would bring a strong westerly airflow to bring above average rainfall. So this would mean we can expect a wet sometimes stormy and fairly mild weather So it looks like there will be little change for the rest of this Autumn and for December and January.

There is certainly no signal of high pressure over Greenland and Scandinavia to bring us prolonged wintry type weather at this time.