This is my 5th update for the Christmas period.

This is my 5th update for the Christmas period.


This is my 5th update for the Christmas period. This is not a forecast yet but an outlook. I am just using the one model the CFS. We are still 5 days away before other models come into range. Then we can start to look for comparisons and then we can get a better idea on the outcome for the Christmas period.  Looking at long range models they do have a part to play but at 500 hours away we cannot read a great deal into it and we just look for an emerging Patten.  I do look at the CFS each day but I don’t bother you with it.

So here we go but please just read it knowing that there will be some changes by the time we get to Christmas.

Christmas Eve.

A windy day with rain and showers, 6 c.

Christmas Day.

A dry day feeling cool at 6 c.

Boxing Day.

A day with heavy rain, 10 c.

Run up to New Year.

The period after Boxing day to New years Eve is looking unsettled with some stormy conditions, feeling cool.

New Years Day.

The temperature looks like falling cold with a risk of some wintry showers into the UK.


This 5th update is different from the previous ones seeing a increase in temperatures with some wet and sometimes stormy conditions. Any wintery weather looks like arriving from New years Day onwards into early January. This idea of a cold wintry New year does seem to remain consistent.

After next Sunday 11th the updates will become more frequent and hopefully consistent in the outcome.