This is my 7th update for the Christmas period.

This is my 7th update for the Christmas period.


This is my 7th update for the Christmas period the CFS model is the main model but the GFS is starting to come into play but only up to the 30th Please note this is still an outlook and not a forecast. The close we get to Christmas the more detail and confidence we can have in the forecast.

Next week.

We should start to see our temperatures falling to around average for the time of the year with some rain heavy at times, with some snow for Scotland. It will be interesting to see if the colder trend continues and the wintery weather extends into northern England.

Christmas Eve.

The CFS see’s temperature around 5 c and dry, The GFS sees it being dry with heavy rain during the evening and overnight. I favour at this time westerly’s, showers and temperature around 7 centigrade,

Christmas Day.

Both the CFS and GFS see the temperature around 7 centigrade with showers later. There is a snow risk for North Wales, Pennines and Scotland.

Boxing Day.

South westerly’s will see the temperature rising to around 9 centigrade with some showers. Both the CFS and GFS models seem to go with South-westerly’s but have different set ups with low pressure systems.

Run up to the New Year

Both models see the temperatures around 8 -10 c with showers.