This is my 8th update for the Christmas period.

This is my 8th update for the Christmas period.


This is my 8th update for the Christmas period, and there is still uncertainties in this outlook. Three different models the GFS, GEM, ECM all have differences of opinion. I think it will be at least Monday before we can start firming up and have some confidence it what I can say and see. I will now update this every day on the run up to Christmas and we should start to see less changes in the outlook.

Its an unsettled week on the run up to Christmas, there will be some snow for Scotland, Wales, Ireland and North West England this week. There is a low risk of some sleet for us Thursday too if the colder air continues its journey southwards.

Christmas Eve.

A windy day with showers merging into heavy rain late afternoon and through the evening, temperatures around 7 centigrade.

Christmas Day.

A possible frosty start to the day, bright and sunny spells, with some heavy showers, 6 centigrade.

Boxing Day.

A breezy day 8 centigrade.

Run up to New year.

High pressure builds to bring a mainly a settled period feeling chilly around 5 centigrade.

The image is from the GEFS its showing changeable temperatures nothing too cold with some rain and showers. I can tell by looking at the graph that all the different members don’t have a lot of agreement from mid week onwards in what they see