I have been watching for the possibility of cold wintry weather next week. I use the word trending in my headlines because no way would I put my name on forecasting snow next week with this time frame, but there is a possibility.

Over the last five days or so I have watched the models bringing cold air down from the North bringing some snow to different parts of the UK only changing with each model run flipping between snow to rain then dry weather.

But now there is a trend for a colder spell of weather at some point next week and even a risk of some snow. If I wrote different ideas of snow for you every 6 hours you would soon get fed up with snow lovers excited at breakfast time only to be disappointed by the lunchtime outlook.

So I will leave it for now just saying its trending towards a cold spell with the possibility of some wintry precipitation at times next week, but I must be cautious when I am looking at forecasting wintry weather over a week away.