Turning colder from the middle of next week.

Turning colder from the middle of next week.


It’s looking like it will be turning colder from Wednesday, Thursday next week. Winds will be coming from a South easterly direction. This will bring daytime temperature around 3 c, falling below freezing overnight.

To start off with we may just see the odd wintry flurry.

The models think from around the 12th onwards the winds will come from the North East direction, becoming bitterly cold and a few days later there could be a real snow risk. But we have to take this with a pinch of salt just yet.

The image below is from the ECMWF model and its showing the cold air stretching from Russia across Europe and onto the UK. This image shows the temperature at 850 hpa 1,500 metres.

I am not getting my hopes up just yet for snow but confidence is high for colder temperatures from next Thursday onwards. So get ready to turn your heating up