Turning unsettled towards the end of this week.

Turning unsettled towards the end of this week.


A week or so ago I started to indicated around the 12th of this month it would become unsettled.

This GEFS model shows it will become unsettled with rain and an increase in temperatures.

This graph is for the area of Birmingham. The bottom of the graph is rainfall, so you can see the spikes from the 12th onwards on most days. The higher the spike the greater amount of rain.  The upper line is the temperature at 5,000 feet 850hpa. So it looks like a sharp rise in temperature around the 15th. There appears to be a great spread of lines from around the 19th onwards so this means there is uncertainty in our temperature after this, but it looks like a cooling off at this time of writing.


End of this working week we will start to see rain in the form of showers and periods of heavy rain, and the temperature rising to around  18-20 c for a couple of days around the 17th but continuing unsettled.