Unsettled week to come.

Unsettled week to come.


Over the last few days I have talked about an unsettled week to come, with showers and periods of heavy rain.

Sunday 9th.

Low pressure will bring in showers some of these showers could be heavy and possibly thundery.

Monday 10th.

A north-westerly airflow will bring cooler temperatures and the odd shower.

Tuesday 11th.

A deep low pressure system will move from West to East bringing some heavy showers before a period of heavy rain.

Wednesday 12th.

The centre of Tuesday low pressure will start to pull away into Europe leaving the odd shower behind it.

Thursday 13th.

Another low pressure system North of Scotland. This will bring some showers and period of heavier rain.

Friday 14th

Air pressure will slowly starting to build, risk of the odd isolated shower.


It looks like high pressure should start to build bringing a more settled weekend.