Update on next weeks winter weather.

Update on next weeks winter weather.


Next week’s wintry weather is nearly with us. I will talk about this in two parts what we do know will happen and what we think may happen towards the end of next week and the start of next weekend.

What we do know.

During Sunday 25th very cold air will be pushing in to the UK from Siberia. Come Monday the air temperature at 1500m will be around -13 c. This is very cold meaning temperatures at our level will around freezing point by day and around -5 by night and with the wind chill it will feel 3 degrees below that. Monday will see a low risk of a snow shower. Tuesday will see more in the way of snow showers. Wednesday even more snow showers. At this stage we cannot say how much snow because these showers will come in lines and it all depends where on the line you are. These showers will show up on the radar on the day so keep your self updated with my pages and Cannock Chase Radio throughout the week. You will notice due to the very cold, dry air the snow will be very powdery and may blow around and drift.

Thursday looks to be the coldest day of the week with the upper air temperature dropping to -16 c, so we may even record -10 c at ground level overnight, again we will see some snow showers.

Now what we think may happen !.

Every so often we get these major events that happen once in 10 to 30 years or so. We may have one of these events about to happen. I must stress this is not a sure thing but I have been monitoring this on the models for two days now and the models consistently show this event.

The reason why it may not happen is the massive difference in temperature that could occur. And since I am talking about nearly a week away I cannot guarantee this.

Temperatures around our area looks to be remaining around freezing point during Friday and Saturday. Temperatures around the South coast could start to rise from Friday and could be 7 c by Saturday.

A large complex low pressure system looks to be moving up from the South late Thursday. This will be very moist, milder air and it looks like it will come up against the cold air around the midlands. We could see heavy snow starting Thursday evening continuing Friday and into Saturday. The models show around 30-40 cm of snow. If this come true major snow disruption will take place. I must stress at this time this may not happen and it may become milder and very wet and windy but it may become a once in a life time event. The norm is to track weather systems West to East but with the wind reversal and to see weather systems traveling East to West is very uncommon and very unpredictable.

I will keep you updated over the coming days but it may be Tuesday or Wednesday before we really know.