Update on Ophelia

Update on Ophelia


Todays update on Ophelia .

At the moment the winds are still reaching a sustained hurricane wind speed.

I still see Ophelia arriving during Monday afternoon. The track shifted slightly eastwards too since yesterday prediction

The main area for highest winds will be Ireland then later Western Scotland.

I must stress this is not a hurricane that will arrive around Ireland and the UK. It will have some hurricane force gusts of wind associated with it, 90 mph so it will cause some damage with the potential of loss of life.

For the Cannock Chase area I can see wind speeds reaching 35-40 mph force 7-8 late Monday early hours Tuesday.

There is still a lot of uncertainty with the path, timing and size of ex Tropical Cyclone Ophelia so I will keep you update with more details over the coming days.

The two images I have added are, the Latest satellite image. And from the NOAA National Hurricane Center showing the probable path.