I know some of you like to see the progression of the sea ice and snow area cover. The growth of the snow cover continues especially over Scandinavia. So I have added the images together from the 5th November and the 12th so you can compare.

There are a few things that are starting to come together giving us a possible indication of a colder winter. The fast growth of snow cover over Siberia and Scandinavia, the hint of a weakening Polar Vortex, also we are in a Solar minimum period. History tells us during periods when these things have previously happened we had colder winters.

I am certainly not coming to any conclusion at this time and a cold winter would go against the idea that the models that are suggesting mild, wet winter for 2019/20.

I may be spending a lot of time looking at different aspects of weather for what may turn out to be just mild and wet like the models are suggesting, but I think there may be just something happening and its worth following the hints.