This is my latest update on the colder possible wintry weather condition. There is still a lot of uncertainty on the amount of snow we shall see but Tuesday keeps showing up as a snowy day

So this is the outlook what I can see at this time.

Friday 18th starts off frosty with rain moving into the area during the afternoon, the leading edge of the rain may be a little wintry to start off with but this would soon turn to heavy rain.

Outlook for the weekend

Saturday 19th looks a chilly, cloudy day, temperatures around 6 centigrade.

Sunday 20th. Some bright spells, feeling cool 7 c.

Next week

The start of next week will see the temperature falling sharply falling even colder as the week moves on. Overnight Monday into Tuesday could see the first heavy snow fall of the winter. Wednesday may see a few snow showers too. Daytime temperature will struggle to get above freezing from Wednesday with temperature several degrees below freezing overnight. Over the weekend temperatures increase a little and it looks like there will be fair amount of rain.

I have said for sometime I could see the result of the SSW on the Vortex bringing a change to a real wintry end to the month and early February. There are some indication now that this could happen and we could see a wind shift with cold air moving into the UK from an Easterly Direction bringing real cold temperatures and some heavy snow.

Please note this is still an outlook and not a forecast and things could change. I will continue to update you every day and hopeful during the weekend confidence will start to build in what I can see and say.