Update on the colder weather next week.

Update on the colder weather next week.


Earlier this week I indicated a change in our weather is on it’s way next week with the arrival of some cold temperatures.

I have started to read articles that the beast from the East will be returning bringing heavy disruptive snow starting next week

Now what I do know, yes it will be turning colder and the wind will becoming from the East, but not every wind that comes from the East is the beast from the East like we remember from last March.

So looking at the GFS model it’s showing the -5 c line at 1,500 metres does briefly come over different parts of the UK on some day’s. If it was winter that could be an indication that we could possibly see some snow.

There is another reason why I dont see the beast from the East it is because the cold air will be passing over warmer sea’s and the air mass is really not cold enough for snow at lower levels of the UK. Some parts of the UK the mountains and East coast area’s could see some snow.

What is interesting will we see this blocking pattern over the North Pole and high pressure over Scandinavia again during the winter. This setup with high pressure over Scandinavia does seem to be quite common this year. If this is the case we could see a period of easterly wintry conditions at some point during winter 2018/19.

So get ready to turn your heating up and putting on your hat, coat and scarf. Daytime temperatures will struggle to reach 5 to 7 centigrade with night time frosts.

If we look at the 9 day panel image below it shows the colder temperatures will start to move in during Monday and lasting into the weekend and possibly beyond. So before we can talk about the beast from the East we want to see those dark blue and purple colours over the UK like they are over Russia at the moment. Do remember last March when we talked about the beast from the East we seen our temperatures at 1,500 metres  over the UK dropping to at -15 c not -5 c.


I will update you again on this cold period of weather over the weekend with any changes that have taken place and more detail on what we can expect.