For sometime I have been talking about some colder wintry weather after the middle of this month. For a winter with no snow at this point of the season for snow lovers the coming weeks may bring them some joy.

It is still not locked in and is still subject to change but it does look like colder temperatures and eventually some snow is on it’s way.

High pressure blocking in the Atlantic is really not letting real cold temperature into the UK, but we will see the high pressure collapsing and rebuilding and collapsing to bring wintry conditions. We are certainly not talking about the Beast From The East like last year.

So what I am expecting at this time for the temperatures to start falling away during the 16th and the temperatures look like remaining below average for January. So from Thursday and through the weekend I would not rule out seeing a wintry shower. Then early next week the high pressure ridge will build again over the Atlantic and temperatures will recover. Then around Wednesday 23rd we will see the high pressure ridge collapsing into trough and a low pressure will move through bringing colder temperatures and some snow possibly heavy at times lasting through the remaining days of the month.

But saying all this any forecasts beyond 3 day’s at this time must not really be taken to literally. So a quick look at this GEFS graph it’s shows the temperature between -5 to -8 c at 850 hpa 1,500 metre, so it will be cold but nothing like the -12 c like we had last year when we had the so called Beast From The East. The bottom of the graph is precipitation so any precipitation that falls when the temperature is below -5 c is more than likely will fall as snow.