Update on the Vortex

Update on the Vortex


I continue to watch the Vortex for any changes.  I stated a few days ago there could be signs of another warming event taking place with the vortex. This will be the third one of this winter 2016/17.

This image from the GFS Model is showing a significant warming could take place around the 25th February. This images shows a split in the vortex with warm air in the middle and cold air either side.

If this was taking place during January we would have a good reason to think we could see a cold winter blast. Since this is taking place towards the end of February the outlook for a real winter blast during March is looking unlikely. But saying that the Middle of March 2013 seen us with a big snowfall event.

So March could still turn out to be a cold month with some wintry weather. Maybe the Fat lady is still not ready to sing just yet.