Update on the Vortex, is it all to late ?

Update on the Vortex, is it all to late ?


A few weeks ago I said the Vortex was warming again for the third time this winter and I could see a split around the 25th of February. And this could lead to a wintry spell around 21 days later.

I now see the lower level of the Vortex is nearly knocked out. If you remember sometime ago I said I would like to see high pressure building over Greenland and the Pole. This winter low pressure was over the pole and now it looks like high pressure is building over that region.

This is all far to late in the season and its a shame for snow lovers this setup was not around January, February.

But saying all that it’s looking look from around the middle of March it will be getting colder with possibility of some wintery weather. I say colder it wont be bitterly cold because the sun is now rising higher in the sky with each passing week.

The image shows the temperature of the vortex at different heights and positions. The vortex warms naturally anyway with the coming season but we are still way above the average temperature  line.