Update on winter weather at the end of the week.

Update on winter weather at the end of the week.


There has been some changes since my last update. The high pressure blocking looks like it will continue to be in place but it doesn’t look like a secondary low pressure system will develop. The models thought this secondary low pressure system would have brought us some heavy snow.

So at the moment we still see cold air moving over the UK during Thursday bringing us some snow shower during the afternoon and evening. Again the main snow looks like it will be confined to the East and West coastal regions.

It looks like it will be a very cold spells will last through the weekend and into the new working week. Day times temperatures only reaching 1 or 2 centigrade with night time temperature dipping well below freezing to -4 or even colder.

Once again this is still what the GFS model think and it’s still subject to change. This is still in my section what I am watching and is not a forecast yet. When we get to around 72 hours I will be ready to forecast.