Very pleasant but lets not call it a heatwave.

Very pleasant but lets not call it a heatwave.


I have received articles about the return of the heatwave and 35 degrees.

Yes it will be very nice but this is nothing unusual. Septembers have been very nice over the previous years and it looks like we will be in for a fine start to the month.

The technical term for a heatwave is five days or more with temperatures 5 degrees above average.

This coming warm weather will not be for all of the UK. I do see the weather being pleasant and very warm. High pressure stretches from the East coast of North America across the Atlantic over the UK and over Scandinavia.

We will see a lot of dry, settled conditions with temperature over the weekend reaching around 22 possibly 23 c and  this lasting into the first part of next week. I would think then the wind direction will change to easterly’s bringing the temperature back to the high teens.

It will be mainly dry with maybe some showers around the 14th but that is a long way off.