Warming on the Vortex continues.

Warming on the Vortex continues.


The SSW Sudden Stratospheric Warming of the Vortex continues.

I have added 6 images together for you to look at. The top row is at 1 hpa around 50 kms above sea level. The bottom row is 10hpa around 31 kms above sea level.

The image dates are today 22d January, 31st January and 7th February. So if we look at 1hpa now we can see how the cold area reduces in size and at the end of the month the area becomes very warm.

At 10 hpa  the cold area reduces and it becomes very warm

The Vortex is trying to hang on but I think early February it will be fragmented and disorganised.

But the vortex is very complex  with air pressures and wind direction and temperatures changing at different heights. It is not fully understood by experts let alone people like myself. I do think the influence on the Vortex will be felt by ourselves and we will have a chance of a winter later in February and possibly into March