This is the weather forecast for Friday 15th March and the outlook for the weekend.

The morning.

A windy, mild start to the day with the temperature around 11 centigrade.

A band of rain will move into the area during the school run time.

A windy morning with a risk of an heavy shower.

The afternoon.

The wind during the afternoon will ease slightly from mid afternoon onwards. Mostly cloudy with a risk of an isolated shower. Feeling mild with the temperature remaining around 11 to 12 centigrade. The sun will set at 18:12.

The evening and overnight.

A dry evening with light winds. Becoming windy after midnight with heavy rain. Temperature overnight not falling below 10 centigrade.

Outlook for the weekend.

Saturday 16th.

Very windy day with gusts reaching 45 to 50 mph. Risk catching a shower. Rain will move in from mid afternoon onwards, 12 centigrade. Heavy rain through the evening and lasting will into the night.

Sunday 17th.

A breezy day with frequent showers especially during the afternoon, feeling cool 7 centigrade.