This is the weather forecast for Friday 1st March and the outlook for the weekend.

The day.

A variable amount of cloud throughout the day with some bright and sunny spells when the cloud fragments or breaks. There is a chance of a shower of light rain or drizzle. Feeling mild with today’s top temperature reaching 11 centigrade. The sun will set at 17:46.

The evening and overnight.

First part of the evening will be dry with rain setting in around midnight lasting through the night. Temperatures not falling below 7 centigrade.

Outlook for the weekend.

Saturday 2nd March.

Any remaining overnight rain will soon clear the area leaving a very breezy day with bright and sunny spells. Feeling mild with the day’s top temperature reaching 11 centigrade. Rain and showers during the evening and night.

Sunday 3rd March.

A windy day with heavy rain and showers, 11 centigrade.