This is the weather forecast for Friday 1st November and the outlook for the weekend.

The day.

A cloudy, damp day with a chance of a little drizzle. With a southerly airflow it will feel mild than we have been used to. Today’s top temperature will reach a mild 14 centigrade. Showers return late afternoon.

The evening and overnight.

The sun will set at 16:38. A wet evening with some moderate rainfall. The wind speed will increase becoming very breezy. After midnight the rain will turn showery, temperature overnight falling down to 8 centigrade.

The weekend outlook.

Saturday 2nd November.

A windy day with heavy rain and showers. Gusts of wind could be reaching 45 mph that’s force 8 during the morning. The day’s top temperature reaching 10 centigrade.

Sunday 3rd.

Rain and showers with a few bright and sunny spells, 11 centigrade.