This is the weather forecast for Friday 8th February and the outlook for the weekend.

The morning.

A windy, mild start to the day with the temperature around 9 centigrade and windspeed gusting around 30 mph.

During the morning heavy rain and squally showers will move into the area. The wind speed will increase with gusts reaching 45 mph that’s force.

The afternoon.

During the afternoon it should become drier and brighter with some spells of sunshine with just the odd shower. The wind speed will reduce a little but it will still be windy. Temperature remaining around 9 centigrade during the day.

The evening and overnight.

Should remain dry evening and night. The wind speed will increase higher again after midnight with gusts of wind reaching 50 mph force 9, that’s severe gale, this can cause some structural damage. Temperature only falling down to 6 centigrade.

Outlook for the weekend.

Saturday 9th.

A very windy day with the wind speed during the morning gusting around 50 mph thats force 9. Wind speed during the afternoon will reduce but it still will be windy. The day will see spells of sunshine, 8 centigrade. Heavy rain overnight.

Sunday 10th.

A breezy day with periods of rain, feeling very cool 6 centigrade.