This is the weather forecast for Friday 9th August and the outlook for the weekend.

The morning.

The main heavy overnight rain will be moving out of our area and it will start to become brighter. The closer we get to midday the risk of catching a shower increases.

The afternoon.

Some sunshine and showers during the afternoon with strengthening winds seeing some gusts of wind around 30 mph, force 6. In some of the heavy squally showers I would not rule out hearing a rumble of thunder. Today’s top temperature reaching 20 centigrade.

The evening and overnight.

Chance of a shower during the evening and night. The sun will set at 20:47. The wind speeds increasing higher with gusts reaching 35 mph overnight that’s force 7. Temperature not falling below 15 centigrade.

Outlook for the weekend.

Saturday 10th August.

A very windy day with winds speeds gusting up to 45 mph that’s force 8. There a chance of a shower, top temperature 17 centigrade.

Sunday 11th.

Sunshine and showers, winds ease during the day, 20 centigrade.