This is the weather forecast for Monday 13th January and the outlook for Tuesday 14th.

The morning.

A quiet start to the day with the temperature around 5 centigrade.

During the morning there is a chance of the odd isolated shower and the wind speed will begin to increase becoming very breezy.

The afternoon.

The wind speed continues to strengthen during the afternoon becoming very windy with gusts reaching 40 to 50 mph force 8 to 9, that’s gales to severe gale. There will be some showers with longer spells of rain late afternoon. Today’s top temperature reaching 9 centigrade. Sunset is at 16:20.

The evening and overnight.

Very heavy rain during the evening with the wind speed decreasing. Rain clearing the area before midnight, temperature overnight falling down to a chilly 4 centigrade.

Outlook for Tuesday 14th.

Becoming windy with heavy rain, 12 centigrade.