This is the weather forecast for Monday 27th May and the outlook for Tuesday 28th.

The morning.

The morning starts off mostly cloudy and with the temperature around 12 centigrade. There is a chance of some patchy rain and drizzle during the morning. Anyone who lives around North Staffs and West Midlands will see a period of persistent rain.

The afternoon.

Sunshine and some showers, the chance of showers increases the later we get into the afternoon and there is even the possibility you may hear a rumble of thunder. Todays top temperature will only reach 16 possibly 17 centigrade.

The evening and overnight.

Showers during the evening. The sun will set at 21:15. The temperature overnight falling cool down to 7 centigrade.

Outlook for Tuesday 28th May.

Sunshine with a chance of a shower, possibly thundery, 16 centigrade.