This is the weather forecast for Saturday 2nd March and the outlook for Sunday 3rd.

The morning.

A cloudy, damp and cool start to the day with the temperature around 7 centigrade.

Cloud will fragment to allow some brighter spells during the morning.

The afternoon.

Thickening cloud during the afternoon will bring a risk of some showers. It will become breezy and today’s top temperature will be around 12 to 13 centigrade. The sun will set at 17:48.

The evening and overnight.

A breezy wet evening and night with some heavy rain. Temperatures overnight only falling down to 7 centigrade.

Outlook for Sunday 3rd.

A day with rain and showers, wind speeds increase becoming windy. During the evening the wind speed will increase even higher and we could see winds gusting up to 60 mph that’s storm force 10. This would be strong enough to uproot trees and cause some structural damage.