This is the weather forecast for Saturday 31st August and the outlook for Sunday 1st September.

The morning.

A cloudy start to the morning with the temperature around 14 centigrade.

A cold front is moving towards us bringing a band of rain that is moving eastwards towards our area. To start off with we will get a little drizzle before the rain arrives.

The afternoon.

Rain will continue to move eastwards clearing our area and the skies will begin to clear allowing some good sunny spells. The air will be fresher and today’s top temperature will reach 18 centigrade. There will still be a chance of the odd isolated shower.

The evening and overnight.

Low risk of a shower during the early evening. The sun will set at 19:59. The temperature overnight will fall into single figures down to 9 centigrade.

Outlook for Sunday 1st September.

Sunshine with a chance of a shower, 15 centigrade.