This is the weather forecast for Saturday 9th February and the outlook for Sunday 10th for the Cannock Chase, Trent Valley and surrounding area.

The morning.

A windy start to the day with the temperature around 6 centigrade.

A windy morning with gusts reaching 37 mph at times that’s force 7 near gale. The morning will see a fair amount of cloud with the odd brighter spell. There is a chance of a shower late morning.

The afternoon.

During the afternoon the winds will ease a little with gusts reaching 31 mph that’s force 6 a strong breeze. There is a low risk of an isolated shower and we will see bright and sunny spells. Today’s top temperature reaching 8 centigrade.

The evening and overnight.

During the evening the winds will continue to fall to gentle breeze overnight. There is just a low risk of an isolated shower. Temperature overnight falling chilly down to 5 centigrade.

Outlook for Sunday 10th.

Cloudy start to the day with a few showers around during the morning, becoming brighter then sunnier during the afternoon, feeling cool 6 centigrade.