This is the weather forecast for Sunday 25th August and Monday 26th.

The morning.

A bright start to the morning with the temperature around 18 centigrade.

There will be some fair weather cloud around which will start to move away during the morning. The radar is showing there is one small shower moving North-eastwards that may just clip the South of our area late morning, but you will be very unlucky if you catch it. Temperature at mid day will be around 24 centigrade.

The afternoon.

A sunny very hot afternoon with the temperature easily reaching 28 centigrade, I am expecting the temperature to rise even higher.

The evening and overnight.

A very warm evening and night. The sun will set at 20:13. Temperature overnight only falling down to 15 centigrade.

Outlook for Monday 26th August.

A sunny, hot day 27 centigrade.