This is the weather forecast for Sunday 27th January and the outlook for Monday 28th.

The morning.

A cold windy start to the day with the temperature around 3 centigrade.

A cold, windy morning with good spells of sunshine. The wind speed increases during the morning with gusts reaching 45 mph that’s force 8.

The afternoon.

Remaining a windy afternoon with increasing cloud. There is a chance that there may be one or two isolated showers that could be on the wintry side. Feeling a cold day with the thermometer showing a top temperature of 5 centigrade but with the wind chill it will feel a raw more like freezing point. The sunsets at 16:44.

The evening and overnight.

A dry evening and night, the wind speed will decrees but it will still be windy. Temperature overnight falling down to around freezing point.

Outlook for Monday 28th January.

A very chilly day with bright and sunny spells, 5 centigrade.