This is the weather forecast for Sunday 3rd February and the outlook for Monday 4th.

The morning.

A very cold frosty start to the day with the temperature recovering from falling down to -5 overnight.

The morning will be partly cloudy with some bright and sunny spells. The temperature reaching 3 degrees by midday.

The afternoon.

An overcast afternoon with a low risk of an isolated shower. Today’s top temperature reaching 4 centigrade. The sun will set at 16:57.

The evening and overnight.

There is a chance of an isolated shower during the evening and the temperature falls to 2 centigrade. After midnight rain and showers will move into the area and it will become windy with gusts of wind reaching 38 mph that’s force 7. The temperature will rise a little to 4 centigrade.

Outlook for Monday 4th February.

A very breezy day with plenty of sunshine, feeling cool 7 centigrade.