This is the weather forecast for Thursday 11th July and the outlook for Friday 12th.

The morning.

A cloudy, very mild start to the day with the temperature around 15 centigrade.

Cloud will fragment during the morning to allow some brighter spells, there is a low risk of a spot of rain.

The afternoon.

Some sunshine and showers during the afternoon. If you do catch a shower there is a chance that you may hear a rumble of thunder. Feeling warm with today’s top temperature reaching 20 to 21 centigrade.

The evening and overnight.

Chance of a shower during the first part of the evening. The sun will set at 21:29. Temperature overnight not falling below 14 centigrade.

Outlook for Friday 12th July.

A day with good spells of sunshine, low risk of a shower, feeling very warm 22 centigrade.