This is the weather forecast for Thursday 17th January and outlook for Friday 18th for the Cannock Chase, Trent Valley and surrounding area.

The morning.

A cold start to the day with the temperature around freezing point.

A cold morning with clear, blue skies means plenty of weak winter sunshine.

The afternoon

The sunshine during the afternoon may turn a hazy at times. I would not rule out a rouge passing shower that could be on the wintry side but any showers would be very well isolated and you be unlucky to catch one. Feeling cold with today’s top temperature only briefly reaching 4 centigrade but with the wind chill it will feel 2 or 3 degrees colder than it is. The sunsets at 16:26

The evening and overnight.

A cold evening and night, temperature overnight falling down to around freezing point to -1 centigrade.

Outlook for Friday 18th.

A cold and cloudy day with chance of some wintry weather during the afternoon, but any snow will turn to rain, top temperature 5 centigrade.