This is the weather forecast for Thursday 7th February and the outlook for Friday 8th.

The morning.

A windy wet start to the day with the temperature around 4 to 5 degrees.

A windy morning with rain and showers, winds gusting around 32 to 37 mph force 7.

The afternoon.

Winds are not quite so strong during the afternoon, but it will still be windy with wind gusting up to 30 mph force 6. Should be a dry afternoon with spells of sunshine, today’s top temperature reaching 7 centigrade.

The evening and overnight.

Very breezy with the temperatures dropping chilly during the evening. Wind speed increases becoming windy with some heavy rain and showers, temperature rises to around 7 centigrade.

Outlook for Friday.

Very windy with gusts of wind reaching 50 mph force 9 that’s severe gale with some very heavy squally showers, 9 centigrade.