This is the weather forecast for Tuesday 5th February and the outlook for Wednesday 6th for the Cannock Chase, Trent Valley and surrounding area.

The morning.

A cold start to the morning with the temperatures slowly recovering from falling down from -1 centigrade overnight.

A cloudy, cold morning.

The afternoon.

During the afternoon the wind speed increases becoming very breezy. From around mid afternoon onwards showers will start to move into the area. Today’s top temperature only reaching 5 centigrade. The sunsets at 17:01.

The evening and overnight.

A wet, breezy evening with rain and showers. The temperature will rise to around 8 centigrade. After midnight it will become dry and the skies will clear allowing the temperature to drop down to 2 centigrade.

Outlook for Wednesday 6th.

A cloudy, cool day 6 centigrade.