This is the weather forecast for Wednesday 30th January and the outlook for Thursday 31st.

The morning.

A cold, frosty start to the day with the temperature around -3 centigrade.

A fair amount of cloud with just the odd brighter spell. There will be some snow showers moving through the area.

The afternoon.

A variable amount of cloud during the afternoon with a chance of a snow shower. Feeling cold with today’s top temperature only reaching 3 centigrade. The sunsets at 16:49

The evening and overnight.

The temperature will soon fall below freezing during the evening, temperature overnight falling well below freezing down to -4 centigrade.

Outlook for Thursday 31st January.

A cold frosty start leads to a cold day with heavy snow moving in late afternoon and this will last through the evening and into the night. This is looking like it will cause disruption overnight and Friday morning.