Weather forecast from Thursday 7th December to Sunday 10th.

Weather forecast from Thursday 7th December to Sunday 10th.


I start this forecast with a word of caution, the forecast will change I am sure and trying to pinpoint  the amount of snow will be tricky. Anyway here goes with what we can expect at this time of writing, so do keep an eye on updates over the coming days.

Thursday 7th.  

A very breezy, wet start to the day, it will be very mild with the temperature around 13 c. Persistent rain continues through the morning becoming drier later during the afternoon. The temperature will start to fall sharply during the afternoon. Rain showers during the evening will start to turn wintry later. After midnight wintry showers continue and the temperature falls to around 3 c.

Friday 8th. (Please have a look at the image that shows the band of snow and notice how close it is to our area)

A day with frequent snow showers or longer spells of snow. Feeling very cold at 1 c. Risk of snow showers during the evening. Temperature overnight falling to -1c. (Now this snow forecast does rely on a band of snow that looks like it will move through the Cheshire gap South eastwards. It’s not a wide band of snow but over the last few days it looks like it will reach the Cannock Chase area. So until Friday when I can see the snow on the radar I cannot really say how frequent the snow showers will be or the amount of snow.)

Saturday 9th. (Again notice the narrow band of snow close to our area)

Chance of snow showers, feeling very cold, 1 c. Temperature overnight -1 c.

Sunday 10th.

At the moment it looks like this could be a wintry day with frequent snow possibly heavy and persistent, feeling very cold at 1 c. (This is what the models think at this time, but caution must be given. There is a lot of very, warm moist air moving in from the West towards the midland. This looks like turning to heavy snow when it comes up against the cold air. (So Sunday could well change, forecasting snow more than 72 hrs is very tricky and well subject to change.)