Tuesday 27th August.

South West of England and Wales. Sunshine and showers 18-20 c. The Midlands and North East sunshine and showers, possible rumble of thunder, 22-24 c. Southern and Eastern England, sunny and very hot 28-31. North West England and Scotland, sunshine and showers, 17-19 c.

Wednesday 28th.

South West England, Midlands, Wales, North West England, North East England. Heavy rain will move from the South-west pushing northeast wards. Possible risk of some thunder. 17-20 c. Southern England and the South East mostly cloudy, 21-24 c. Scotland risk of the odd shower, 12-16 c.

Thursday 29th.

South West England, Midlands, southern England and South East England, a fair amount of cloud low risk of a shower, 18-20 accept for the South East 24 c. Wales North West, breezy with risk of a shower, 14-16 c.

Friday 30th.

South West, Midlands and eastern area, cloudy should remain dry accept for Wales where there is a chance of a shower, South West 17 c, Midlands. Southern parts of England and East coast, 20-22 c. Wales 16 c. Scotland showery, 14-16 c.

Saturday 31st.

South West, Wales Midlands, showery, 14-17 c. South East very warm bright and sunny spells, 20-22 c. North West, Scotland, North East, periods of heavy rain, 10-14 c.