The air pressure is falling rapidly, its started falling yesterday. At the time of writing our current air pressure is 997 hpa.

Saturday morning I would expect the air pressure will be very near to 970 hpa. I think the centre of the low will be fairly close by moving eastwards across the North Wales. So we can expect some spells of heavy rain and windy conditions during Saturday. At the moment I think we could see gusts reaching 40 mph. during the morning, very slowly easing later during the afternoon as the low pressure systems pulls away. Some of the models are showing 50 mph gusts for our area.

Outside our area Southern Ireland could see 75 mph gusts, Cornwall 70 mph and south coast 60 mph gusts.

So I will continue to monitor this low pressure system watching its track. First I will be monitoring other Davis weather stations over Ireland and weather buoys out at sea for the air pressure and wind speeds. Then I will be monitoring conditions of other Davis weather station on the UK mainland with its progress eastwards.

Will the met office give it a name lets wait and see.