It’s been a busy time over the last week or so here at Cannock Chase Weather.

My weather station is working very well and I am pleased with the quality of the data it s recording.

Last week I bit the bullet and installed the latest software to the data logger and that went smoothly. That is the part of the weather station that allows my weather station to uploaded data 24hrs 7 days a week with out the need for my pc to be switched on. The weather station is uploading data to the Davis website and I do know there are a number of you receive the data on your mobile phone via the Davis WeatherLink 2.0 app. My stations data is also uploaded also to the Met Office WOW site, Wunderground, PWS, CWOP, NOAA MADIS and AWEKAS site. Theses are sites where professional and weather enthusiasts data can be found.

I am very pleased with the new Tab on my webpage that is showing live data summary from my weather station and animated wind map and rain radar from other websites. A big thankyou to Ricki who worked hard on the webpage and sorting the problems out and adding the new features. I hope to have the live chat feature back on my webpage soon so you can have a chat with me.