I have decided to write a little more on tomorrows weather, why is there is there so much uncertainty Steve.

Yes the TV news and weather is showing snow and even some of the models are showing heavy snow. Not all the models are showing snow some are showing, sleet and others rain.

What I like to see from the models are at least -5 c at 850hpa 1,500 metre. This will mean at that height precipitation will start life falling has snow. The problem is when this front arrives with precipitation it is just -4 to -5c

Dew point in the next model is showing around 2 c. If this is true I would not be confidence for the snow to reach the ground it would be more likely sleet or wet snow or even just rain.

The next model shows the air temperature will also be 4 c. This would not be cold enough for snow. There is some occasions when cold rain can produce snow if evaporation is high on it’s journey to the ground.

The next model shows heavy snow is very nearly in our area at 15:00.

So for this model to show so much snow from what I call boarder line conditions is hard to believe. So if does happen the models will have to out on two accounts the main one would be the air temperature it would need to be lower and also the dew point will need to be lower. I would not say we wont have some disruptive snow but it will need a lot of monitoring.

So I wont be at home tomorrow when this starts to approach but I will be monitoring live data from my weather station. You also can monitor data from my Davis weather station by using the Davis WeatherLink 2.0 app. Once you have signed up, add my weather station CANNOCK CHASE WEATHER. Then change the settings over from Fahrenheit to centigrade.

So I will be monitoring data from my weather station and looking for temperature to be no higher than 2 c and dewpoint around 0 c or below.

I also will be monitoring other Davis weather station to North West of our area to see what their readings are when the front approaches their area first.

So at this time be prepared just in case we do have heavy snow. I think at this time Thursday will hold the greatest risk of disruption from snow.

I will update Facebook and Twitter during the day when I have more data from my weather station and also updates on Cannock Chase Radio 89.6 94 fm.