It is still looking like we could see the return of winter. After the very mild, dry February it is looking like March and February have got mixed up. This cooler unsettled weather is set to continue and could get colder with the possibility of some snow next week. For several days now the models have been consistent in showing we could have some snow around the middle of next week. Trying to forecast snow at over 7 days away is not easy and is not guaranteed but this is what I have been watching for several days now.

So looking at this GEFS graph is showing a brief drop in temperatures on the 8th before it recovers for a few days. Then the temperatures looks like falling away around the 11th for approximately 5 to 7 days when the temperature falls close to -5 c at 1,500 metres, 850 hpa. This would mean any precipitation could be wintry around the middle of the month.