Wintry weather update for the end of this week.

Wintry weather update for the end of this week.


The wintry weather still looks like it will start towards the end of this working week. I first started to talk about this wintry weather over a week ago. It’s changed from severe snow, to a chance of some wintry showers, but all along the cold theme has stayed with us it will be Wednesday evening before I can really start to give a forecast.

So at the moment cold air still looks like moving down the UK reaching the Midlands during Thursday evening. Then it looks like we will have some wintry showers overnight. Friday could see some snow with daytime temperatures struggling to reach 1 or 2 centigrade. Saturday looks dry and very cold again day times around 1 centigrade. Sunday looks like it will be dry with a risk of a snow shower, temperatures around 1 centigrade. Monday looks a wintry day.

Overnight temperatures look like falling well below freezing around -3 possibly -4 centigrade.

Again all this is subject to change with forecasting snow being the most difficult.

I will update this page again Tuesday evening and hopefully by Wednesday I will be able to give you a forecast for Thursday, Friday.